Press release – company accreditation scheme to include gas membrane installation members

The British Geomembrane Association (BGA) has recently introduced its successful company accreditation scheme to include gas membrane installation members. This independently assessed accreditation scheme, which mirrors the containment lining company accreditation, has already seen a number of its members achieve the standard, which is an additional confirmation to contractors, engineers, verifiers and regulators as to the competence and organisation ability of these companies, and can illustrate best practice with the sector.

BGA members were the instigators of the NVQ L2 quality standards for gas membrane installation in the UK, and BGA members have been at the forefront of developing BS8485, C735 and the Cl:aire scheme of verifier independent accreditation.

In a time of economic turmoil, it is vitally important that a light is shone onto quality gas membrane installation companies who can evidence best practise along with value for money installations while ensuring regulatory approval, even in the face of over regulation in some areas.

This balance of quality products installed and detailed correctly using qualified staff, and verified in accordance with relevant guidance will provide the best overall solution to brownfield development while re-assuring engineers, contractors and regulators that the BGA accredited gas membrane installation companies are amongst the best in the industry.

Kevin Mitchell


British Geomembrane Association The British Geomembrane Association (BGA) is the trade association of specialist geomembrane manufacturers and installers operating in the UK and Ireland. Set up in 1999, it represents the interests of its members, their clients, and the industry, and stands for highest quality geomembrane installation and manufacturing.

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