British Geomembrane Association

The British Geomembrane Association (BGA) is the trade association of specialist geomembrane installers in the following sectors:

  • Landfill
  • SudS
  • Ground gas remediation installation in buildings

Serving industry since 1999, the BGA represents the interests of its members and their clients and stands for quality installation work, cost effective service provision and, above all, technical excellence in environmental protection.

By joining the BGA, a company demonstrates its commitment publicly to the aims and aspirations of the industries trade association and allies itself with the most professional suppliers and practitioners in the sector. You also gain the opportunity of determining best practices and inputting to the coordinated voice of the industry. The BGA is a member of Build UK and represents the geomembrane industry at national level.

We are working on an exciting new website that will provide new benefits for both members and those looking for contractors or suppliers. If you would like to contact us in the meantime, please use the form below.

Members holding TWI/BGA Company Accreditation status

  • PAGeoContracting
  • Butek Landline
  • CT Lining Ltd
  • Enviro Technical Solutions Ltd

Working towards accreditation

  • Jones Bros Ruthin (Civil Engineering) Co Ltd
  • UK Lining Limited

Corporate Members

  • PAGeoContracting
  • Butek Landline
  • CT Lining Ltd
  • Enviro Technical Solutions Ltd
  • Jones Bros Ruthin (Civil Engineering) Co Ltd
  • UK Lining Limited
  • Geosynthetic Technology Ltd
  • Solmax Geosynthetics GmbH G(SE)
  • Naue Geosynthetics Ltd
  • GB Lining Services Ltd
  • UK Membranes Ltd
  • Sensor (UK) Ltd
  • ACS Linings Ltd
  • Dance-Reeves Ltd
  • Sean Carr Lining Technology Limited
  • Celtic Lining Ltd
  • Site Sealants Ltd
  • Jones McGirr & Co Ltd
  • JUTA UK Ltd
  • Enviroseal Lining Solutions Limited
  • Capital Valley Plastics Ltd
  • Structureseal Ltd
  • Cook Group Ltd
  • Agri Environmental Group Ltd
  • Prestige Air Technology
  • IG & MM Jones Ltd

Associate Members

  • Geofabrics Ltd
  • The A. Proctor Group
  • Welwyn Tool Group
  • Membrane Testing Solutions Ltd
  • Geoshield Ltd
  • HS Butyl Ltd
  • Principal Building Products Ltd
  • Delta Membrane Systems Ltd
  • Geodyne Limited
  • Specialist Technical Products Ltd
  • CQA international
  • NEA Contracts Ltd
  • Buckleys (UVRAL) Ltd
  • Barnes Plastic Welding Equipment Limited
  • Genap BV

Individual members

  • Dave Raw

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