HBB GeoSales Ltd

HBB GeoSales Ltd is dedicated to the fabrication, supply and installation of high quality geosynthetic covers,  attenuation pond & tank liners, barriers, geotextiles and associated products used within winter maintenance, bulk inventory storage, invasive weed management, stormwater management,  remediation, landfill, civil engineering, construction, estate & moorland management, oil & gas and aquaponics.

Our geosynthetic products are complimented by our ability to supply large, one-piece pre-welded panels, available up to a maximum width of 32m wide and a maximum length of 300m. The total maximum square metres of panels are dictated by the material weight and the practicality of onsite handling, with lighter materials available in larger panels.

Aside from our geosynthetic operations we are also the sole Scottish distributor and certified installer of the Flex MSE vegetated wall system for retaining wall and erosion control projects, as well as supplying and installing a range of pre-seeded and non-seeded biodegradable mats, again used for erosion control projects.

Location: Angus
Postcode: DD8 2LU
Telephone: (0)1307 461499
Email: sales@hbbgeosales.co.uk