GeoEnginSeer Ltd

I am Ben Crowther, MD of GeoEnginSeer Ltd. We now have over 60 years of experience in the field of Ground Gas Testing/Monitoring, Geology and Validation/Verification and Planning Consultancy.

There are also many activities within these fields that we carry out such as peer reviews for CL:AIRE, tracer gas testing (carbon dioxide and methane tests) for post construction verification, material management plans and site supervision consultancy. At busy times like this, I call upon specialist sub-contractors who are closely affiliated with our business for specific tasks.

Our work takes us all over the U.K from our base in the North West of England.  We are passionate about our work and get on very well with all clients we meet on site. We write daily and detailed reports for companies about the work we have carried out for them which have all been well received.

We have reliable transport which allows us to be on site very quickly anywhere in the United Kingdom and the fact that we offer an emergency 24/7 call out facility, we can back this up.

We are clinical about our approach to making sure that things are done correctly to save heartache and potential expense further down the line. This benefits you more than us but it is not in our interest for you to cut corners and fall foul of situations which could have been totally avoided. We get it right in the first instance, so that you are not paying a company twice to come out again. We do hear absolute horror stories within our industry of companies running into hot water at vast expense by doing exactly this.

Location: Yorkshire
Postcode: OL14 8LF
Telephone: 07817 108921