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BGA Corporate Member

Sensor's founders invented electronic geomembrane leak detection and location monitoring systems and installed the first system in the late 1980's, on a hazardous waste storage site. That first installation is still operational today confirming continued integrity of the installed geomembrane and protecting the environment from leaks of hazardous waste.

Sensor's electronic leak location and detection technology has been successfully deployed to monitor and protect in excess of seventeen million square metres of geomembrane liners, across a diverse range of structures in a variety of differing industrial sectors:

In the U.K. Sensor is based in Manchester and has established itself as a centre of excellence for electronic geomembrane leak detection. Sensor UK provides specialist services, including monitoring of the integrity and security of geomembrane liners across the English speaking world, the Commonwealth of Nations and the Middle East.

Sensor gathers live data in the field from all of its applications. As well as providing an enormous amount of data to its clients, it also serves to assist in the continual improvement processes of the technology itself.

In addition to the more usual product surveillance Sensor also undertakes data monitoring of the causes, position, timing and types of damage that occur.

Understanding the nature of geomembranes and the causes of damage to them helps us target our products and processes to ensure the most cost effective method and timing for damage capture.

Our improvement processes are underpinned by 3rd party certification which ensures the most robust and durable solution in some of the most challenging environments on earth.


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