Applications for geomembrane materials can be diverse; however the primary function of the material is always to prevent the migration of a fluid from one part of a civil engineering or construction project to another.

Take a look at some of the applications for containment materials:

Gas membrane installation

For information about gas membrane installation, click here.



Tunnels & underground

Transportation infrastructure

Geomembranes are used in many aspects of transportation within roads, railways and airport construction, providing solutions to many of the fluid control aspects of these designs

Solid waste disposal

Perhaps one of the most widely used applications for geomembranes historically has been the lining of landfill waste disposal sites. This application more than any has driven developments in materials and installation.

Liquid waste disposal & secondary containment

The chemical resistance of lining materials in this sector is critical as there are a great number of different chemicals involved.

Tunnels and underground structures

When preventing water ingress to underground tunnels and structures, geomembranes offer a cost effective and secure way of keeping the finished construction dry.


Whether for fluid movement in Irrigation, industry, mining or transportation, canals need to retain water or other fluids.

Often exposed, the linings used in this sector need to be some of the most technically advanced products in the sector.


Whether for irrigation, sport, leisure, ornamental or flood management use, impounding basins developed in porous soils require the use of an appropriate waterproof lining material.

Geomembranes of various types offer a cost effective and secure way of ensuring the fluid-tightness of these designs -  from ponds to lakes.

Liquid waste / secondary containment

Solid waste



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geomembranes and
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