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The BGA was pivotal in developing a system of
accreditation for geomembrane installers specially
associated with the landfill sector.

BGA Prospectus
The BGA prospectus was developed in association with CSWIP/TWI
in Cambridge and for the last 10 years has provided a method of
identifying appropriately qualified technicians and certificating
them for work on approved projects. This level of certification is
supported by the environment agency and is a prerequisite for
work on landfill sites in the UK. For full details of the scheme or
to apply for individual installer accreditation please contact Scott
Andrews at TWI Ltd.

BGA Company Accreditation Scheme
Following the success of the CSWIP/TWI accreditation scheme
for Installation technicians the BGA in Conjunction with TWI
and CSWIP have developed a Company Accreditation scheme
to supplement the work done with technicians.

The scheme comprises:

• Best Practise Manual (based upon the Welding Syllabus)
• Accreditation Procedure
• Auditing Procedure

It is hoped that this scheme will allow competent and
professional installation companies to demonstrate their
credentials and it is expected that the accreditation will
become the default requirement amongst regulators and
client groups in the sector.