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Maintaining the standards for high quality
geomembranes and their installation.

About us

Welcome to the website of the British Geomembrane
Association, the trade association of specialist
Geomembrane installers operating in the UK.

Set up over 15 years ago, the BGA represents the interests of
its members and their clients and stands for quality installation
work, cost effective service provision and, above all, technical
excellence in environmental protection.

By joining the BGA a company demonstrates its commitment
publicly to the aims and aspirations of the industries trade
association and allies itself with the most professional suppliers
and practitioners in the sector. You also gain the opportunity
of determining best practices and inputting to the coordinated
voice of the industry. The BGA is a member of the National
Specialist Contractors Council (NSCC). All BGA members
receive a range of benefits from this organisation.

BGA members subscribe to the principles of well managed installation, using
technically competent staff and quality materials to ensure consistent quality
of project delivery. By using a BGA member company, clients can be assured
of consistency in delivery, and by membership of the association, installation
companies subscribe to a shared opportunity to offer their services to a
market that expects quality.

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